Successfully defended employee’s right to work at a competing staffing company doing different type of work for different type of customer-base.

Issue: Non-Compete | Injunction | Employment Agreement | Non-Solicitation

Court: Oakland County Circuit Court (Michigan)

Industry: Healthcare

Judge: Judge Alexander

Case Description

My client was a staffing specialist in the healthcare industry. He was under a non-compete agreement with his then-employer.
My client found a better career opportunity and sought to move on professionally. He provided his notice. At the time of his separation from his former employer, my client staffed a highly-specialized segment of the healthcare industry. His new job did not involve that portion of the healthcare industry. Nonetheless, my client’s former employer sued my client and tried to prevent him from working for the new staffing company.
I defended my client, explained why the non-compete was inapplicable to my client’s job, and ultimately resolved the matter such that my client was able to work for his new employer.

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