Workplace Investigations

Safeguard Your Workplace

You’ve terminated or lost an employee who signed an agreement prohibiting that employee from unfairly competing with you. As you likely know all too well, ex-employees can do immense damage with minimal effort—diverting business, soliciting co-workers, and misappropriating sensitive information for the ex-employee’s use or, worse yet, a direct competitor’s use.

Even if the employee was not vital to your organization, perhaps you’ve decided to set a strong precedent to your remaining employees and competitors: you refuse to open a floodgate by letting your ex-employees ignore their agreements with you. You are acutely aware that your competitors are closely monitoring your decision to enforce—or not enforce—your employment agreements. In this fiercely competitive market, competitors are more aware than ever of low-hanging fruit, and those who don’t enforce their agreements are often the first poached.

We can assist with advising behind the scenes on how best to handle an employee request or employee misconduct. Doing so early often helps prevent volatile situations from escalating out of control and can help with sidestepping legal liability.

We can also take a more active role by conducting investigations, including taking witness statements, gathering documentary and electronic evidence, and writing reports on the findings and recommendations. Companies sometimes request this direct investigative role because of lack of comfort or to avoid internal distractions.

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