Non-Competition Covenants

Navigating Non-Compete Agreements with Cronkhite Counsel

At Cronkhite Counsel, we specialize in the intricacies of non-compete agreements, offering robust legal support for both employers and employees in these complex situations.

For Employers: Assert Your Rights and Protect Your Interests

Vital Protection Against Unfair Competition

If you’re facing the aftermath of an employee’s departure, enforcing your non-compete agreement is crucial. We understand that ex-employees can significantly impact your business, from diverting clients to misusing confidential information.

Prevent Setting a Risky Precedent

We assist in upholding your non-compete clauses, demonstrating to your staff and competitors alike that you take these agreements seriously. In Michigan’s employer-friendly legal landscape, we help you utilize the law to its fullest to protect your legitimate competitive interests.

For Employees: Challenge Unreasonable Restrictions

Career Progression Despite Contractual Boundaries

Whether you signed a non-compete without full understanding or are now facing restrictive clauses that impede your career growth, Cronkhite Counsel is here to assess and advise. We specialize in fighting unreasonable non-competes and non-solicitation agreements, helping you move forward in your career.

Strategies for Relief

Our approach often leads to modifying the agreement’s terms, such as reducing the non-compete duration, adjusting the scope of work permitted, or defining acceptable geographical areas for employment.

For Employers Seeking Strategic Hires

Navigating Hiring Challenges

If a potential strategic hire is entangled in a non-compete dilemma, we offer solutions to overcome these barriers, ensuring that you can secure the talent you need without legal setbacks.

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