Turning Debt into Dollars

We have collected millions of dollars for our clients, including in connection with:

  • Money judgments.
  • Lease deficiencies.
  • Guarantees
  • Settlement non-compliance.
  • Contract breaches.
  • Fraud, theft, and embezzlement.

There’s little more frustrating than throwing good money after bad by implementing a foolish collection strategy or ineffectively executing on collection tactics. Indeed, clients often retain us to replace collections counsel who cannot capitalize on money judgments.

We recognize that each debtor situation is different and demands a nuanced approach of the facts and assessment of the tools most likely to succeed in the particular situation. We deploy a cost-effective approach of gradual but steady escalation to maximize collection chances while reducing legal spend.

Cronkhite Counsel has a proven track record of securing millions for our clients in diverse collection scenarios. From money judgments to contract breaches, trust our expertise to turn challenges into opportunities. Don’t settle for ineffective strategies—choose Cronkhite Counsel for a nuanced and cost-effective approach. Let us maximize your collection chances while minimizing legal spend. Contact us today and let our success become yours!

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