Dedicated, Honest, & Intelligent

R.J. helped us keep our home from being razed by our municipality for trivial issues. We involved R.J. after it became clear that the municipality was determined to destroy our home. R.J. immediately and aggressively went after the municipality, backed them down into a reasonable position, and saved our home. R.J. clearly cared about what happened to us and got an amazing result! We strongly recommend him. -Patrick

The Best in the Business

R.J. saved my livelihood and my life. I was served with paperwork from my former employer that demanded my current company to terminate me effective immediately or they would pursue a lawsuit against both my current company and myself for an alleged breach of my non-compete agreement. My current company knowing that we were in the right refused to terminate me and took immediate action and contacted R.J. Cronkhite. Not only was R.J. professional and compassionate but extremely knowledgeable and aggressively pursued my defense. R.J. told me that he took my case personally as he understood that I take care of my 5-year-old daughter and my livelihood is everything to me. R.J. was there whenever I called and explained everything to me in detail and in language that I could understand. My former company pursued the lawsuit and a court date was set. Upon arrival it was clear that R.J. was known and respected in the community as other legal counsel walked in the court room greeting him. At the end of the day the opposing counsel approached R.J. and we were able to come to an agreement before seeing the judge. Without the aggressive and fierce defense of R.J. I would have not only potentially lost my livelihood but a lawsuit as well.  R.J. followed up with me afterwards to ensure that I was ok and informed me to reach out to him if I have any questions or concerns. If anyone is having legal issues I strongly encourage you to reach out to R.J. immediately. -Mike A.

R.J. is an exceptional, results oriented attorney.

R.J. is an exceptional, results oriented attorney. He is efficient, thorough as they come. He worked on our cases as if they were his own. He is a prime example of hiring “an attorney” and not a “firm.”  His business knowledge and aggressive approach kept us using him repeatedly. -Leonard I.

R.J. was extremely helpful with guiding me in the right direction

R.J. was extremely helpful with guiding me in the right direction. He walked me through, step by step and was always available to advise me all the way through. He knew the law(s) that applied to my case and did not allow me to be dissuaded by the defendants.  R.J. is an outstanding attorney of law. . . .  R.J. exemplifies what an outstanding lawyer is and raises the bar to a level of excellence only few attorneys can hope to reach. -William V.

Professional, Honest, and Dedicated

R.J. is professional, honest, and skilled. He has assisted us through muddy waters and has been a huge asset to our organization. His attention to detail and professionalism are two of the many qualities that set him apart from the rest. -Jacob F.

R.J. assisted me with a contract dispute.

R.J. assisted me with a contract dispute. When he took on my case he hit the ground running. I felt like I was his only client. He returned calls promptly, explained legal option in language that I (a layperson) could understand. He was patient, and compassionate, but also “no nonsense”. It became clear to me immediately that his professional strengths are in his impressive writing skills, and his thorough case law research. In court he demonstrated poise and effectively argued my case in front of the judge. I have known many attorneys throughout the years, but have rarely worked with an attorney that has so many areas of strength. R.J. achieved a great result in my case! I was fortunate to have him represent me. -Sara H.

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