We are always looking for skilled and principled professionals.

Founded in 2024, Cronkhite Counsel PLLC is a close-knit firm of teammates committed to each other and the firm’s clients.

Are you seeking a place where you can learn, grow, and excel as a person and a professional? We may be fertile ground for you.

What is it like to work here? Our below principles give you a good sense:

Purposeful. We serve one ultimate purpose—achieving our clients’ goals.

Teamwork. We applaud individual excellence—while remembering we move and win as one team.

Sanctuary. We protect each other and our clients.

Initiative. We are self-accountable leaders who take initiative rather than await instructions.

Independent-Minded. We speak up when something is wrong or unwise rather than parrot leadership.

Experimentation. We have permission to experiment and to fail—coupled with the duty to learn from our mistakes.

Courageous. We face fear and rise to the occasion.

System-Improvers. We improve systems. How can we improve the whole to better achieve our ultimate purpose?

Self-Improvement. We constantly seek ways to improve ourselves. How can we improve ourselves to better achieve our ultimate purpose?

Servants. We are eager servants who understand that achieving our ultimate purpose entails both sacrifice and deep fulfillment.

If the idea of such a place excites you, Cronkhite Counsel PLLC welcomes your inquiries. Contact R.J. Cronkhite at with a cover letter and resume.