Obtained injunction to stop former vendor’s disclosure of confidential client information

Issue: Injunction | Non-solicitation | Trade Secrets

Court: Macomb County Circuit Court (Michigan)

Industry: Healthcare | Staffing

Judge: Judge Viviano

Case Description

My client retained a vendor to provide services to my client’s customers. As part of that arrangement, my client required the vendor to sign an agreement prohibiting the vendor from soliciting my client’s customers or disclosing my client’s confidential information and trade secrets.

Things got ugly when the client terminated the vendor relationship. The vendor actively solicited the client’s customers and took—and disclosed—information relating to the customers.

I sued and sought an expedited injunction preventing the former vendor from further poaching my client’s customers and from keeping and disclosing my client’s information. An injunction was entered in the early stage of the lawsuit, and the parties continued to dispute damages and related issues.
The parties later reached an agreement that included an injunction and a financial payment.

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